A downloadable CoinSafe

Enter the mind of a sleep-deprived alcoholic who went running drunk and  ended up in a cave (Don't drink when you're not of age kids).  Although he may be wrong, he thinks that there is a bed on top of the cave. Help him find a way to get to the top of the cave and find the bed he thinks is there. But what if it's not there? There's only one way to find out.


Made by Rohan Ayyar, Aiden Pester, and Owen Ondricek.


Press the thumbsticks to teleport.

Press the grip and slide to climb the rope.


That is for you to find out. (Instructions are hidden using the Atbash Cipher).

  1. Urmw gsv Xlrmh, gsviv ziv ulfi.
  2. Lkvm gsv hzuv.
  3. Xorny gsv ilkv.
  4. Glfxs gsv yvw.

Contact Information:

Contact us at rohanayyar1@gmail.com.

This project was made by VARLibraries, you can find our website here:



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